Matters concerning personal information protection

We at Kameoka Electronics are working on improving our services towards our customers by having our customers provide their personal information such as names and addresses (personal information) as well as requests on areas of improvement, and storing these information for use. In regards to the personal information, we have determined a “Personal Information Protection Policy” and endeavoring to protect personal information. Our company believes it is our social responsibility to handle and protect customer’s personal information properly. The following is our Personal Information Protection Policy.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Kameoka Electronics Co., Ltd. President Hiroshi Kawakatsu 1. Awareness of the personal information protection policy We will comply with all regulations in regards to the personal information protection as well as all other regulations, and streamline internal regulations in regards to the handling of personal information, and make sure that every employee is made aware of the importance of the personal information protection policy. 2. Acquiring and using personal information Our company will, on acquiring personal information, first state the purpose for which the personal information is being obtained, and only obtain information necessary for this purpose. If it becomes necessary to use the information obtained for purposes other than the designated purpose, consent for the use will be obtained prior to the usage. 3. Maintaining personal information We will take necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the security of personal information and will endeavor to prevent improper access to, alteration, loss and/or leakage of personal information. If it becomes necessary to disclose or provide the personal information to a consigned party or a third party, we will ensure that the personal information protection policy is followed and thoroughly manage the information. 4. Providing personal information to third parties Our company will not disclose or provide the personal information provided by our customers to any third party except for the following situations: - 1 With approval by the customer - 2 If it is necessary to disclose or provide the information to a consigned party in order to implement the service required by our customer - 3 If it fulfills the conditions as set down by the law 5. Disclosure, amendment and suspension of personal information If our company is requested to disclose, amend or suspend personal information, we will take steps within the range that it is possible, after confirming that the request came from the person himself. 6. Continued revision Our company will continue to make revisions on the handling of personal information and make improvements so that personal information is effectively managed. For this reason, personal information protection policy may be amended without warning. Issued Date : Jan. 1, 2011

Handling of existing personal information

Personal information that is retained by our company from before implementation of the Personal Information Protection Policy (obtained without informing usage purposes or without any announcement or disclosure) will continue to be used within the range that they have been used from before. Any request to stop the usage of the above, or to delete the personal information may be contacted from the following contact point.

Regarding the contact point

If the customer himself desires to have his own personal information relayed back or amended, we will do so as speedily as possible within the accepted range if our contact point is contacted.

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